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Meet the 1923 Lion Oil Traveling Baseball Team, and their team bus - dubbed "The Rattle Trap". They logged thousands of miles on this less than luxurious bus, and endured hundreds of hotel nights, for love of the game. They were National Champions, and were Coached and Managed by my Grandfather; The Late - Great Robert Wallace 

I'll admit, sports team travel has probably improved a bit since the 1920's, but it still comes with the stress and expense of yesteryear.

Teams and Families still struggle to organize team trips that cut costs, and take the stress out of where to stay, how to pay, and how to get there.

Travel is a unique obligation thrust upon the Parents and Team Managers. How do you know you are getting the best deal on Hotels, Cars and Flights?

You can depend on us to reduce your travel costs by up to 70% on team travel, family vacations, family reunions, School trips, corporate travel, corporate meetings, Incentives etc...

ITS FREE!! There is NO cost, or obligation. There is NO need to sign-up for anything. Just Search-Book, and enjoy the simplified savings... 

Scott Hanson

With nearly 40 Years in the travel industry, and 20 years as a Parent in the Youth Sports arena,  I have the background and experience to truly understand the complexities and struggles of Sports Team Travel. 

Joe Hanson
Executive Vice President

Graduate from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Business Administration with an emphasis in Sports Management.  


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