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We Spell Sportz with a "Z" Because We're Different

Pro-Am Sportz is a unique one-stop shop for ALL that is Youth and Amateur Sports.
We are changing the playbook on youth sports tourism and management. We not only get you to the big game, but we help manage the process, and insure for the unexpected. Whether your are a Parent of an Athlete, Team Manager, Coach, Club Director, Tournament Organizer or Sports Facility, you can lean on us to reduce your sports team travel costs and to simplify the process.

Sports Team Travel

Browse our simple Booking Tool to see how you can customize your team's lodging requirements Enjoy discounted, rental car, Buses and conference rooms - anything your team and parents need from a team event while you are on the road is now at your fingertips. Try us and you will see how being the Team Manager just got easier. 

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If the following sounds like you, then you might be ready to bring your team fundraiser online with Pro-Am Sportz:

  • Your team has tried fundraising with products and services and it has not worked out.

  • You don't want your Child out knocking on Stranger's doors.

  • You want to be able to reach out to everyone in the country.

  • You don't want to store inventory at your home, or have to go out and deliver products, ie.. pizza, candy.

  • You want to save time and effort so your team can focus more on their drills at practice instead of raising money.

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Today’s Tournament Directors want fast, accurate connectivity to the content needed to book their Tournament Housing. By exclusively connecting to our USA Elite Sports Travel Booking Platform, with relevant choices of more than 200,000 hotel properties globally, USA Elite Sports Travel’s unique solution gives sports teams and event planners added capability to more efficiently manage their events, regardless of size.

Safe and Fun Fundraising
 Tournament Director Assistance
Save up to 70% on Travel
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