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Safe and simple fundraising

Tired of sending your kids out knocking on stranger's doors to sell Stuff

 Then having to store and deliver inventory yourself   

Take the stress and pain out of raising money for your Club, League, Association, or Organization

Offer your Customers the fun and excitement of discounted Online TRAVEL

It's as easy as 1,2,3

Sample page snip it.PNG

1. We create your own customized white label Online Travel Booking site with your specific Team, Club, or League LOGO, Images and Messaging.

(See Example to the left)

2.  You simply share your customized online travel website link with your teams, fans, friends, neighbors, Grandparents, co-workers, ANYONE you can think of.

Share your online travel site on Social Media, or your Team's, Club's or League's website, blogs, E-mail etc... Your discount online travel site offers up to 70% off Group Hotel Rates, and can be used for, Team Travel, Business Travel, Leisure and Vacation Travel, Weddings, Corporate Meetings, Family Reunions.....

You get the idea. 

3. We track each and every trip booked on your customized travel site, then share a % of earned revenue with your Club, League, Organization, or Association.

This service is absolutely FREE to use.

Give us a call to learn more: 636-399-1499


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